Other Taxes


The Internal revenue Commission is responsible for the following Taxes:-

  • Gaming Machine Tax
  • Departure Tax
  • Bookmaker Tax
  • Training Levy

While the Internal Revenue Commission collects stamp duty on documents it is not responsible for the licensing of the business e.g. A person may start up a business to sell scratch Lotto’s, it is up to the Gaming Control Board to license the activity in the same way as the Gaming Control Board is responsible for the operational aspects of poker machines and the licensing of Bookmakers.

Land’s Department are responsible to register the change of ownership of property.


There is a betting tax of 55% of the gross profit from poker machines, this tax is paid by the four gaming machine operators

Gaming machine tax return.


A departure tax of K30 per person is payable by people who travel overseas on an aircraft or ship. The departure tax is including in your ticket and the airline pays the tax to the IRC each month.


Bookmakers Turnover Tax Return

Training Levy

A training levy is payable by every employer who has a total payroll of 200,000 kina or more. The levy is assessed on an annual basis and is calculated at 2% of the payroll. The amount of levy payable may be offset against any qualifying training expenses incurred during the year.

Qualifying training expenses broadly include various expenses incurred in the training of citizen employees, including salaries and wages paid to employees during full or part-time training, fees paid for training of employees, salaries paid to trainers, the part of the salary paid to an employee during on-the-job training, the cost of providing scholarships or other form of training assistance, etc.

The training levy is an annual levy. Every employer must submit annual training levy returns and claim training expenses incurred during that year. There is no provision for carrying forward qualifying training expenses.