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Welcome to the IRC

The IRC is responsible for the collection of most of PNG's Tax Revenue. We will make it easier for the tax paying community to comply by offering improved services and education products, including encouraging greater reliance on our website.

Our headquarters is located at the Revenue Haus, Bogan Gapo Building, in Downtown, Port Moresby with provincial offices located in all the main centres around the country.

The IRC is managed by Ms. Betty Palaso who is the Commissioner General of the IRC. She is supported by Dr. Alois Daton who serves as Commissioner Taxation and Ms. Pauline Bre who serves as Commissioner Services.

The Commissioner Taxation oversees the Tax Wing, which is made up of Collect Taxes, Assess & Prioritise, Manage Debt, Policy? Advice and Tax Audits. The Commissioner Services oversees the Services Wing which is made up of Corporate Services, the Office of the Commissioners, Internal Audits & Integrity, Information Communication and Technology and Legal Services.

We feel that having a reputation in the community for being honest, fair and professional is just as important as bringing in the expected tax revenue.


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  • Requirements for Registration as a Tax Agent - [more]
  • COC and Sole Traders information SO changes - [more]
  • Statement of Earnings now due in electronic format by 14th February 2015 - [more]
  • Tax Circular TC 2015_ 1- Application of the director penalty regime to Salary or Wage Tax and Goods and Services Tax liabilities - [more]

Guide to New Notices from SIGTAS

  • Bank accounts and TIN Q&A- [more]
  • 2014-TPG-NTCS-01 - Taxpayer Notices From SIGTAS - Taxpayer Guide- [more]


  • Lodgement of 2015 Income Tax Returns - [more]


  • Application to the Income Tax Review Tribunal
  • Practice Direction No. 1 of 2015
  • 2015 - Salary Wages Tax - [more]
  • What is a ". . . supply of medical supplies . . . " for the purpose of section 21(1)(a) of the Goods and Services Tax Act? (Draft circular for your comments)" - [more]
  • 2015 - Tax Agents Bulletin No.1 of 2015 - [more]
  • 2014 - Corporate Income Tax Return for 2014 - [more]
  • 2014 - New Forms for Taxpayers - [more]
  • 2014 - Taxpayer Identification Number Forms - [more]
  • 2014 - Dividend Withholding Tax forms - [more]
  • 2014 - Interest Withholding Tax Forms - [more]
  • 2014 - Business Income Payment Tax Forms - [more]
  • 2014 - Non-Resident and Resident Prescribed Royalty Withholding Tax Forms - [more]
  • 2014 - Foreign Contractor Withholding Tax Forms - [more]
  • 2014 - Management Fee Withholding Tax - [more]
  • 2014 - Application for Certificate of Compliance - [more]
  • 2014 - Final Tax Circular Imposition and Remission of Late Lodgement Penalties and Late Payments - [more]
  • Tax Clearance Notice for Tax Payers & Banks - [more]
  • TAX AGENTS CIRCULAR NO. 1 of 2014 - [more]
  • Objection Procedures - what to do if you are dissatisfied with an assessment - [more]





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P.O. Box 777
T: +675 322 6600
F: +675 321 7621

IRC Commissioners

Ms. Betty Palaso
Ms. Betty Palaso
Commissioner General

Dr. Alois Duton
Dr. Alois Daton

Commissioner Taxation

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